Wolfbend Double Wall Tube System

Davis Aircraft Products is the world leader in specifying, designing, fabricating FAR 25.863 compliant tubing systems. Davis Aircraft Products utilizes the patented Wolfbend™ technology to ensure the lightest and most robust designs for double and triple walled Aerospace, Marine and Automotive fluid conveyance. We have a complete library of tubes, fittings, and connectors to meet your coaxial tubing requirements .250 “thru 6.0”.

Wolfbend™ double wall tube system is a lightweight solution that makes bending tube-within-a-tube practical and easy. The Wolfbend™ double wall tube system meets FAA/JAA requirements for shrouded fuel lines in passenger and cargo transports.  It also provides a wide variety of advantages, many of which are listed below:

Wolfbend brand Double Walled aerospace tubing

Advantages of Wolfbend Double Wall Tube Systems:

  • 20% to 60% manufacturing cost savings
  • 25% to 60% weight savings
  • 30% to 80% savings on detail part count
  • Capable of smaller bends
  • Less on aircraft assembly
  • More damage tolerant
  • Fewer couplings required
  • Increased system reliability
  • Securely supports inner fuel line
  • Provides integral electrical bonding

Disadvantages of other (Non-Wolfbend) Systems:

  • Require more time consuming, difficult and costly assembly in aircraft.
  • Greater risk of damaging parts when assembling in tight or limited spaces.
  • Require customized detail part design and manufacture from outside suppliers.
  • Longer, more expensive design cycle time.