Litter Brackets

We have been the industry leader in litter bracket research and design for the last sixty years. Our brackets are designed to withstand loads up to 9G’s (based upon 200 lb. subject) in any direction. We offer a wide variety of litter bracket types, including:

Web Attachment Brackets

Type PART NO. Weight LBS/Kg A IN./MM. B IN./MM. C IN./MM. Notes
Type II Double Cam Locking FDC3835-51 .50/.227 4.97/126 1.56/39.6 3.19/81.0 Push to release web
Type II Double Cam Locking FDC3835-7 .61/.276 4.97/126 2.87/72.9 4.12/105 Secondary lock prevents inadvertent release of load
Type III Non-Adjustable FDC3835-8 .37/.167 4.97/126 1.56/39.6 3.19/81.0 3/16 Pins located 1 5/8 apart for sewing of web to bracket
  • For use with Davis 1” Web NW170

Fixed Attachment Brackets

Type PART NO. Weight LBS/Kg A IN./MM. B IN./MM. C IN./MM. Notes
FDC3835-30 .55/.249 4.00/102 3.00/76.2 3.50/88.9 For attachment to H column for max. 2.75 wide by .12 thick vertical strip with min. .27 holes on center.
TYPE I Wall & Stanchion Attachment FDC3835-32 .60/.272 4.00/102 3.00/76.2 3.50/88.9 2000 lbs. fore and aft, 625 lbs. up and down capability, attachment to bracket 2.75 wide with .27 hole, .12 thick.
FDC3835-33 .67/.303 4.75/120.6 3.00/76.2 3.50/88.9 For attachment on surface with key hole slots max. dia. .50, min. dia. .25, 2.25 horizontal, 2.00 vertical center to center .08 thick
TYPE II Track Fitting FDC4500 .55/.249 3.50/88.9 1.28/32.5 2.80/71.1 For attachment to standard track with 1.00″ center to center .78 dia. holes [MS33601].
TYPE III Pole Mounted FDC3835-31 .30/136 3.44/87.4 1.63/41.4 3.19/81.0 Attachable to max. 1.25 O.D. tubing, 19 dia. holes, center to center.

Includes: trigger lock mechanism, vertical stanchions, tracks, wall fittings

Features and Benefits:

  • Brackets accept litter handles from 1” to 1 9/16” in diameter
  • Components constructed of cadmium plated steel
    • Anodized aluminum with rubber padding for areas that come into contact with handles
  • Designed to deliver advanced strength in a variety of environments
  • Lightweight construction
  • Developed to meet rigorous standards