Passenger Restraint Hardware

Please examine the following hardware offerings that we currently feature:

FDA6610 Series Inertia Reels

Red inertia reel.
  • Tested and certified for use as part of FAA TSO-C114 restraint systems
  • 2500 lb (1134 kg.) rated strength
  • An emergency locking retractor
  • Set to lock at 1.0 g acceleration
  • Post-lock, the reel unlocks and resumes normal operation
  • Black molded covers available by request
  • Various standard mounting arrangements are available
  • Flexible manufacturing systems allow for custom interfaces to meet your specific requirements

FDA6850 Series Inertia Reels

  • Incorporates features of FDA6610 along with remotely actuated “locked mode”
    • This mode means the web will retract with no extension until “auto mode” is selected
    • The remote control head may be mounted in a convenient location for operation
    • Be sure to specify cable length when ordering

Manual Adjusters

  • Cost-effective alternative to inertia reels
  • Ideal for adjusting strap lengths to fit
  • May be used in certain lap belt applications
  • Available manual adjuster models:
    • FDA7271
    • FDA6408M
    • FDA6409M
    • FDA7271C1: Stainless Steel and hardcoat aluminum, suitable for marine environments

End Fittings

  • Wide variety of approved end fittings available
  • Constructed with chrome-plated alloy steel or anodized aircraft quality aluminum alloy
  • Bolt-on end fittings stocked with hole diameters from .257 in. (6.5 mm) to .758 in. (19.3 mm)
  • Bend angles range from 0 to 90 degrees
  • Available end fitting models:
    • FDA1677-1M
    • FDA5576M
    • FD7295-17
    • FD1497M1
    • FD3490-2
    • FD8586

Harness Fittings

  • FD7281 requires lap belts equipped with a snap stud
  • FD6403 type fitting mates with FDA6406M6 Release Fitting
  • FD7316 is designed for track mounting on flight attendant seats