We manufacture a wide range of rugged, dependable buckle and release fittings, all designed to meet or exceed FAA standards and certifications. We will work with you to provide customized solutions to your seat belt assembly, harness and buckle needs.

FDC6400 Series Release Buckles

Davis Aircraft seat belt buckle
Davis Seat Belt
  • 3000 lb. tensile strength rating meets TSO-C22f, TSO-C22g and TSO-C114 requirements
  • Ultra-lightweight: .23 lbs. (.10kg)
  • Standard Aircraft Buckle available with FAA Standard (45 degree) lift
  • Standard Aircraft Buckle available with UK CAA Standard (90 degree) lift
  • Constructed with Aircraft quality alloy steel
  • Molded black polyphenylsulfone or aluminum covers available
  • Covers may be designed with your logo (optional)
  • Stainless Steel Buckle Assembly (FDA6410C1) is available for marine environments

FDC2700 Series Release Buckles

  • 2500 lb. (1134 kg.) rating and lightweight .35 lb. (.16 kg)
  • Rugged, trusted choice known as an “industry veteran”
  • Constructed of high strength aluminum alloy
  • Brushed clear anodized, other finishes available
  • Meets TSO-C22f rating for lap belt buckles

FDC8300 Series Rotary Buckles

  • 3000 lb. (1361 kg.) tensile strength exceeds TSO-C22g and TSO-C114 requirements
  • Toughness: molded black polyphenylsulfone covers provide superior strength along with heat, fire and scratch resistance
  • Flexibility: buckles may be fixed to center, left or right side straps
  • Cushioned pad or logo may provided as an optional feature


Fixed Fitting Without Pad With Pad
Center FDA8301-1 FDA8301M4-1
Right FDA8301-2 FDA8301M4-2
Left FDA8301-3 FDA8301M4-3